Siuakustik 13/3M Used in The University of Hong Kong

HKU Lecture Theatre Refurbishments 2014 Siuakustik Type 13/3M, 18mm ECO MDF with...
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Alto Acoustical Wood Planking System

Alto is a perforated wood planking system which allows the designer to select fr...
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RS_WWGrille_NvMp_CHLS_122D No Sign

Armstrong WoodWorks® Linear-Inspiring Great Spaces

The WoodWorks Linear Ceiling System is all about options! Choose from traditiona...
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新築の銀行会議室に TOPAKUSTIK の吸音材が採用されました!

Topakustik Planks 14/2 新築の銀行会議室 ホームシアターやオーディオルーム、図書室や接客ルームと日本でも高い評価を得ているイタリア製の吸音...
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New acoustic solutions from Obersound by 5.5 designers

Obersound®, Collections 5.5 designers Oberflex chose to the 5.5 designers agency...
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Westfield Mall by Decoustic solo-m

Project: Westfield Mall Architects: Gensler and Associates Location: San Francis...
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Topakustik 30/2M

Topakustik panel type 30/2 used in Nurnberg

Topakustik Planks Project: Carree EnviCon, Tullnau, Nürnberg, DE Architect: Grab...
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Gustafs at Stockholm Fairs

We participated in the Stockholm International Fairs, Nordbygg, 1-4th April wher...
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The Village Studios

The Village Studios in Guangzhou

THE VILLAGE STUDIOS “I have many plans for the future, including a masteri...
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